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MusicWEAN Releases Short Film Version for New Lofi Hip Hop Song “LAVIE”

Quinn8 months ago

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After the two previous R&B/Hip-hop ballads revealed last September, “Alone” and “Một Người Vì Em”, “Lavie” is the next project of WEAN.

It is known that the song is also the first one in the new album that has the same name “Lavie”. WEAN also shared that he would be releasing the rest of the list soon in the upcoming days.

wean lavie viet rap music

source: WEAN’s Facebook

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With the song “Lavie”, WEAN turned back to his signature music of the Lofi-Hip-hop genre, along with such a beautiful story contained. The content tells about the post-breakup feelings of a guy.

viet rap wean lavie

source: “Lavie” MV

Specifically, “Lavie” is a confession of a husband to his ex-wife. After breaking up with his spouse, the man struggles to find a way to end all the sorrowful memories and move on. Besides, the title can be understood as “LÀ VÌ EM” – “it is for you”.

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wean lavie viet rap mv

source: “Lavie” MV

In this project, there is also a contribution of the music producer, BeepBeepChild (Nguyễn Bảo Hưng). He is a renowned music producer of Vietnam. BeepBeepChild acquired the reputation for many big hits with emotional melodies but still full of youthful feelings.

wean viet rapper

source: “Lavie” MV

BeepBeepChild’s mainstream music is a combination of Lofi Hip-Hop, R&B, and a bit of Future Bass. Moreover, it is well-known that he is the person undertaking the massive hit “Gene” of Touliver and “Remixes EP” of Binz (two prominent Vietnamese rappers).

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wean lavie vietnam rap mv

source: WEAN’s Facebook

Also, BeepBeepChild has become a Vietnamese representative to attend the US Billboard’s “Electric Asia Vol.4” album with a Vietnamese-style song named “CHOI & NHAY”.

Lavie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyDCoqx_rk4

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It’s a pretty good song. Plus like it’s got a short story them which in most cases is boring but like not in the case of this it’s actually amazing. Like the way they put the song and composed it in a remarkable way to make it look good is phenomenal. 


Why didn’t I get to listen to this before this some heck off an amazing song. Thank you @Quinn for sharing this amazing song. 


For the first impression of the new album it’s amazing I tell you that. Like I’ve been into hip-hop since a long time and this is just a dope song and an amazing representation of the potential of vietnamese rap. Love it 

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