NewsExclusive Artist of M-TP Talent, Kay Tran Releases First Impressive Photoshoot

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Admittedly, the style of Kay Tran is getting better from the day of being the exclusive artist of M-TP Talent. In the latest album, Kay Tran is in a white suit along with his attractive charisma.

Within two days of release, the album has got over 65 thousand interactions and a thousand comments on Facebook. It proves the big reputation and attraction of this young talented artist.

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kay tran vpop photoshoot mtp talent

(source: Kay Tran’s Facebook)

His chairman – Sơn Tùng M-TP must have spent a lot of time on this album as he is a producer who made a significant contribution to the album.

kay tran photoshoot vpop artist

(source: Kay Tran’s Facebook)

He also enthusiastically guided Kay Tran on how to pose the most beautiful posture in the photoshoot.

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kay tran photoshoot vpop

(source: Kay Tran’s Facebook)

It cannot be denied that Kay Tran is becoming more famous thanks to taking part in M-TP Talent. The audience hopes that he will get more high-quality products in the shortcoming time.

Kay Tran Photoshoot BTS:

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The most expensive Striker in MTP stadium


I’m telling you right now, this kid is the future of Vpop, and he’s got the style to back it up. 


he reminds me of Jay Park for some strange reason

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