MusicHan Sara Used the Pretext of the Song “Yeu Toi Dau Hay Toi Do” to Confess Her Love to Tung Maru

Quinn2 years ago

As promised, the soundtrack of the web drama Đừng Làm Bạn Nữa officially was unveiled on November 14th.

“Yêu Đến Đâu Hay Đến Đó” belongs to the pop-rock genre. The song was composed by the main actor in the movie Đừng Làm Bạn Nữa – Tung Maru. Besides, not only Han Sara is the performer but also the co-composer of this song.

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han sara yeu den dau hay den do mv

source: Han Sara’s Facebook 

In this production, Han Sara did not make a storytelling music video as she always does. Conversely, Han Sara intentionally organized a stage and performed a live song with a music crew to be completely satisfied with the melody of the song.

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han sara yeu den dau hay den do vpop mv

source: “Yêu Đến Đâu Hay Đến Đó” MV

With a strong character and strong voice, the Korean-Vietnamese singer has produced a sweet, vivid studio video that is considered the best to convey the spirit and content of the soundtrack.

han sara vpop singer

source: Han Sara’s Facebook 

The song “Yêu Đến Đâu Hay Đến Đó” tells a story of a girl and a friend of hers. They have been friends since they were little. After they have grown up together, they realize that no relationship in the world would make them happy than the one they have. However, both are confused with a tricky question: “should they become lovers or remain soulmates?”.

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han sara yeu den dau hay den do vpop music

source: Han Sara’s Facebook 

The theme of the Vpop MV has a tremendous impact on the song’s popularity itself as it seems to be a thing related to many people, particularly young ones who were then, and still are going through the same circumstance.

han sara vpop artist

source: Han Sara’s Facebook 

The MV “Yêu Đến Đâu Hay Đến Đó” contains a positively joyful, exhilarating spirit to make people feel blissful and delighted when listening to it. It aims to encourage people to live a life with their actual emotions.

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Yeu Toi Dau Hay Toi Do:

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